Civil War In 3D in color Vol. 1


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Civil War In Color DVD Vol 1 $29.95



We have taken the first 100 images that have been restored and made them available on DVD. Each image is available in three different formats:
Anaglyph for the PC/Mac

Stereo Pair for iTouch/iPhone/SmartPhone using Hasbro My 3D or 3DVu2Go viewer

MPO file for Fuji 3D Camera

To make your experience more complete, for each image, we have provided views that you would not normally be able to see if you only had access to the full image. We have created, in each format, more than 500 views from the original images.


Image size information:

Anaglyph:1280 x 720

iPhone/iTouch/Smart Phone: 960 x 640 (452 x 640 per side with small center border)

Fuji W1/W3 MPO Format: 720 x 405

Sytem Requirements:

  • Windows PC/Apple Mac
    • DVD player
    • Internet Browser
    • 700 Mb hard drive space

What you receive:

  1. DVD compatible with both PC/MAC
  2. More than 2000 images!
    • 863 Anaglyph for the PC
    • 583 Smartphone/iTouch/Iphone
    • 563 Fuji 3D (MPO format)
  3. Background information for each image telling the story of the battle, location or person in the image
  4. Before/After image comparisons, see what the original was like before restoration!
  5. A narrated three minute anaglyph video showing the restoration and tinting process
  6. An index list of images by location, person, all, etc.
  7. A free pair of red/cyan anaglyph glasses to view the images on your PC/Mac