Civil War In Color


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Now you can journey back to the Civil War and see these classic scenes as the participants saw them – In Color!  Travel to the battlefields, visit with the generals on both sides, spend time with Lincoln, Davis, their cabinets and more.

Civil War In Color restores and tints original Images from the Library of Congress, the National Archives and other quality sources. These images are not re-enactments or recreations. These are actual photographs taken during the Civil War and then carefully restored and colored to bring new life to these timeless images!

We add color to these photographs to help recreate, as close as possible, the original scene as it may have appeared on the day it was taken. We work to make the images as realistic as we can.  While some of the colors are open to interpretation, we painstakingly research each object, to find the correct color.

Hand coloring of images is a technique that dates to the very beginning of photography. During the Civil War images were hand colored and tinted. The early attempts are crude and quality varies, but the desire for color images was there from the beginning.

If you don’t see the image you are looking for let us know and we will see if we can find it for you.