History in Full Color

History in Full Color has the finest color and colorized images from the 1840’s to the present day! Have a look at our selection (Framed Images, NASA, Military, Politics, People, Recruiting/War Bond Posters, Famous Art in 3D).  If you don’t see the image you are looking for let us know and we will see if we can find it for you.

Our outstanding Civil War In Color collection features hundreds of classic images from the U.S. Civil War.  Civil War in 3D also carries a wide variety of restored and colorized Civil War Stereo Cards.

History in 3D has a terrific selection of digital 3D images that can be downloaded and viewed directly on your tablet or your phone (with a 3D viewer).


Framed Images

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Here is a selection of our most requested framed images.   We can frame any of the images in our collection.  You Pick The Image – We Print it, Frame It, Ship It – Direct To You.

These images are custom made when you order and are ready to hang on your wall.  Your image will be mounted on a backboard to ensure it will last.  A generous two inch matte surrounds the image before it is mounted behind a non-glare glass and placed in the frame.  We are displaying pre-selected frames for your image, but let us know if you would prefer a more custom selection.

Finally, when your order is ready, the framed image will be shipped FedEx (U.S. orders only) for next business day delivery without additional charge.

Image sizes are available in 8″ x 10″, 11″ x 14″ and 20″ x 30″.  Other custom sizes are available upon request.




Click here to view NASA Hubble images

Images from the Hubble and Spitzer Space telescopes are some of the most beautiful and popular images of recent years.  We offer a selection of the best of these images ready for your viewing.  Since 1990, these fantastic images have been expanding our understanding of the universe and providing an unparalleled new look at the heavens.

Whether you have an interest in astronomy, or just enjoy looking at the strange and fascinating shapes these images are always a favorite.






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Our Military images will take you back to World War I & II as well as other times of combat.  Each branch of our military – Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force are represented, to give a multi-faceted glimpse at our military history.

These heroic and inspiring images are a window to the past, allowing all of us to appreciate the hardship and sacrifices that these men and women endured.

Don’t forget our Civil War collection that focuses on those years between 1861-1865.






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Every president since John Quincy Adams (6th President, 1825-1829) has had their picture taken.  When photography became popular in the 1840’s, all of the surviving presidents had their photograph taken.  Many of these images are the only existing image of that person.

While many of the images are posed, there are several candid images that catch the more personal side of presidents and politicians.  Some of these presidential images had been taken prior to entering the White House and some show the funny side of life in politics.

Images of Lincoln are included in our Civil War collection.





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The fascination of notables of the day has been with us since the beginning of photography.  These images of stars of the Silver Screen, Western heroes, Sport figures, Authors and Native Americans are here.

These timeless figures live on as a testament of our admiration for their achievements.






Recruiting/War Bond Posters

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In an age before TV and Radio, Armed Fores recruiting was a simpler affair.  Classic artwork that stirred patriotism over 100 years ago still inspires us today.

The golden age of recruiting and war bond posters occurred during the First World War and was revived again during the Second World War.

Now you can relive that time and share these timeless posters.